Please let me introduce you to 20th Century Sounds.

I set this up in the summer of 1977,

My first booking was for factory workers of Performance Plastics, Bacup Lancashire and the surrounding neighbourhood, set in their canteen to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. My next-door neighbour was a manager there which is how I got the gig!

I started out with a set of Fal twin decks bought from my mum’s catalogue, one light, a sign and a box of records and 20th Century Sounds was born!

30plus years and thousands of gigs later we’re still going strong minus the long hair and plus a few extra pounds.

The equipment’s changed a bit too – gone are the twin decks and singles and in are CDs, mp3s, mixers, loads of lights and lasers and miles of cables etc.! – still, you get the picture.

So if you’re looking for a professional DJ with bags of experience and equipment at a reasonable cost, drop us a line. you wont be disappointed